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The driver could not be contacted The driver could not be contacted R04-M01, NEPEAN ROAD CONSTRUCTION - MINING, . The specific construction activity. that will be undertaken.. that will be undertaken for this construction activity.. (Project number: R04-M01, NEPEAN ROAD CONSTRUCTION - MINING,. External links Category:Mining in New South WalesAs annual revenues from child-care businesses in Canada increase, the country's major cities remain the best places to be a nanny, according to a new report. Canada's Childcare Management Association (CCMA) released its rankings of the top and bottom child-care municipalities based on their financial performance and quality of care. Toronto ranked third, while Vancouver, Winnipeg and Calgary ranked No. 1, 2 and 5, respectively. In the report, the association gave 15 indicators of child-care quality and financial performance, from the percentage of kids in need of childcare to a ratio of full-time nannies and part-time nannies to kids in need of childcare. Story continues below advertisement The best-rated municipalities tended to be home to large markets with high childcare prices, as well as to job markets with high opportunities for full-time employment. "What we found was that when you have a good job market you can attract good nannies, good full-time nannies and part-time nannies and that's what we saw with Calgary," said Carl MacLellan, a principal researcher with the association and the report's author. Among the largest Canadian child-care markets, Toronto's child-care population has grown by 26 per cent since 2002, while Montreal's child-care population has grown by 30 per cent over the same time. Calgary had the highest rates of child-care vacancies – about 15 per cent in 2014. Vancouver had a child-care vacancy rate of about 10 per cent, while Ottawa's rate was about six per cent. "It's really important for people to find work, but for them to find good work, they have to be in a good place," Mr. MacLellan said. The report noted that the job market for child-care is often linked with the labour market for adults. In some cases, it's not uncommon for parents with young kids to find work as early




Driver R004m halyjess

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