Birding in the plains of Assam till the upper reaches of the Eastern Himalayas in Arunachal.

Dates: 6-13 May 2018

Amboli Herping 2018

A time when the forests of Amboli come alive with the croaks of the frogs and snakes lying in wait for them.


Batch I : 22-24 June 2018

Batch II: 3-5 Aug 2018

Batch III: 7-9 Sept 2018

Witness the amazing life that springs up in the forests of Goa at the onset of the monsoons.


Batch I : 13-15July 2018

Batch II: 3-5 Aug 2018

Amboli Macro Photography Tour

With amboli already full of life with the monsoon and the season for wild flowers, you can try all kinds of macro.


Dates: 14-16 Sept 2018

Goa Birding and Photography Tour

Birding in the land of SUNbirds, SANDpipers and SEA eagles. Explore the other side of Goa with us.

Batch I: 8-11 Nov 2018

Batch II: 6-9 Dec 2018

Batch III: Jan 2019

Batch IV: Feb 2019

Experience birding out at sea on a fishing boat off Goa's coast to find species which never come on land.


Dates: 14 October 2018

            21 October 2018

One of the hottest birding areas in the land of the rising sun, Arunachal Pradesh.


Dates: Nov 2018

Join us in Nagaland to witness the spectacle of the Amur Falcon migration.


Dates: October 2018

A special tour to look for a special animal. Experience the thrills of tracking the snow leopard in sub-zero temperatures in the trans himalayas.


Dates: Feb 2019