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Mrugaya Xpeditions is a tour company based out of Goa that has wildlife & nature at its heart. Mrugaya is built on a strong foundation of understanding of wildlife, ecology, community & conservation issues. We strongly believe in the ethics of minimum disturbance to the areas we visit, while ensuring that the local community are an important stakeholder and beneficiary.

We also believe that travel is essentially an experience and that is precisely what Mrugaya endeavors to give its clients. Personalized service is also our forte.

Mrugaya Xpeditions conducts the following wildlife & nature tours to various parts of the country:

  1. Birding tours within and outside the State of Goa. We design customized trips to some of the birding hotpsots in the country.

  2. Theme based study tours & exposure visits for educational institutes

  3. Cultural, Heritage and Architectural tours in Goa.

  4. Community tourism initiatives.



Though an engineer by profession, he followed his passion and today is arguably Goa’s finest Naturalist and a very good photographer. Fittingly referred to as the “Bird Magnet”, he is the man that will find you the birds that you desire to see. His knowledge on birds and bird calls is to be heard and experienced to be believed. Besides birds, he documents butterflies, dragonflies, reptiles and amphibians. He is also the President and a founder member of the Goa Bird Conservation Network (GBCN).


He is the State Co-ordinator for Goa of the Indian Bird Conservation Network (IBCN) and also the founder President of the Goa Bird Conservation Network (GBCN). He has authored “A Photographic guide to the Butterflies of Goa” and “A catalogue on the Birds of Goa”. He has to his credit 4 species of birds, 17 species of Butterflies and 47 species of Dragonflies & 1 species new to science reported from the state of Goa. He is a member of the Goa State Bio-diversity Board and Invertebrate Conservation and Information Network of South-East Asia. He has been conferred with the 'Responsible Tourism Pathfinder Award 2019 by the Outlook Responsible Tourism.


Shraddha is a M.Sc (Zoology) who has to her credit pioneering work on the beetle diversity of the State. She has partnered and volunteered for various organizations in the State for educational and outreach programmes. She is adept at designing and handling educational tours for over a decade. She is known for her organizational skills, an eye for detail and especially her skill at handling children. She is the recipient of the Power Business Excellence Award 2019 for 'Best Social Entrepreneur '

He has a decade long experience of working with community based programmes in Goa. He has dedicated himself to the exhilarating task of mobilising the communities for several environmental and social causes. He is part of the team that has registered Goa’s first tourism cooperative in the village of Verlem in Netravali. His organisational skills are commendable and any task entrusted on him is assuredly fulfilled.

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