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Homestay policies

A quaint little hamlet bordering one of Goa’s well known wildlife sanctuary; an excellent birding destination; heritage dating back to the 14th century and a very hospitable community makes up an amazing recipe that we call the “Jungle Trails Homestay”.


While, ecotourism as a concept is being discussed and debated in various circles, the women of Talde village in Sancordem-Goa have stepped forward to create a model to emulate for the State.


The project provides comfortable stay in a village setting and promotes nature based activities that include nature trails, treks, bird watching, butterfly watching, lesser fauna exploration assisted by expert naturalists and local guide with traditional knowledge.


The project operates on a strict NO ALCOHOL policy and expects all the guests to abide by it.

The Homestay Set up

Trekking and adventure around

Trails to spot and photograph wildlife


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