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An integrated and unique program designed to inculcate and expose campers to various aspects of nature through fun and other exciting programs. This program uses innovative activities and enthusiastic and dedicated volunteers to create a nature camp filled with fun and opportunities for building an eco -friendly camper. Campers will achieve a better understanding of nature and the world around through natural experiences. The program also aims at developing skills like creativity, imagination and total personal development. Each of the concepts mentioned can be custom made.


This program has been designed to expose students to various aspect of nature. Students will achieve a better understanding of nature through natural experiences.


This concept of “life on a farm”, has been designed that will involve visiting and working on a farm where the child will get actively involved in agricultural activities of the farm. Through this concept, we can draw relevance to them and educate them where the food on their plates come from and make them understand that all starts as a product of agriculture, from planting seeds to checking out vegetables and fruits.


The cultural heritage of Goa is a blend of many different ethnicities. It comprises of dances, folk songs, visual arts, music and folk tales rich in content and variety, and of course not to forget the “Susegad” people and the lip-smacking fish curry and rice. Filled with richness of festivities celebrated by the people of all groups, the culture of Goa is there to absorb one in every way……


Villages are the modest part of goan civilization. The villages in Goa are famous for their simplicity and colourful lifestyles. A typical goan village is a true reflection of rich culture and tradition.

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