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Sun, Sand, Sea and Study.........


We are happy and proud to introduce you to our special programme on Study tours- Sun, Sand, Sea and Study…. especially designed for college and school students.  A programme you wouldn’t want to miss and worth undertaking for the benefit of the students especially students of life sciences, environment sciences and management studies.


Use our expertise to plan your study tour. We make it not just an educational experience but a fun filled outing. Our social networking skills enable you entry into research institutes, corporates and NGO’s. Visits to success stories of people’s movements, individual brilliance, and social entrepreneurship will add a complete new dimension to the entire experience. Participants will return back with enriched knowledge about various institutes and awareness about socially relevant issues. At no point of time do we forget to expose you to the amazing beauty of the land and its people.

The activities include:

  • Visits to education institutes, research institutes, NGO’s, corporate houses.

  • Exposure to people’s movement, community projects

  • Village experience with exposure to diverse cultures and traditions

  • Exploring the beauty of the land and its people

  • Nature discovery and exploration through nature trails and treks

  • Interaction with renowned subject and experts from the field of environment and wildlife.

  • Hands on training and learning of various on-field techniques.

For more details about our Educational Tours get in touch with us at

Or you can also call Shraddha on 91-9763380466

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