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Gramin Odyssey

Villages are the modest part of goan civilization. The villages in Goa are famous for their simplicity and colourful lifestyles. A typical goan village is a true reflection of rich culture and tradition. Moreover most of the goan villages are nestled amidst the nature and are bestowed with the richness of Mother Nature. Festivals and other village functions are celebrated with fun and devotion.


  • Staying overnight at a typical goan village/home stays.

  • Interaction with the villagers.

  • Observing the different daily chores of the village home

  • Performing activities along with the villagers.


  • Children will gain a rare insight into the life of the villagers.

  • They will get an opportunity to witness and enjoy traditional accommodation, ambience and food.

  • Children will get a chance to understand and observe the diverse customs and traditions of the village.

  • They will try and understand the social structure, village problems and importance of harmony in family life.

To organize one for your school contact Shraddha Rangnekar (+91-9763380466) or send us an email on

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