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School Without Walls

This program has been designed to expose students to various aspect of nature. Students will achieve a better understanding of nature through natural experiences.


  • Camping at one of the finest wilderness places in Goa.

  • Nature discovery and exploration through nature trails.

  • Understanding nature through nature-oriented art and crafts, songs and games.

  • Interaction with subject and field expert in wildlife e.g. butterflies, dragonflies, birds and reptiles.

  • Screening of wildlife related documentaries and audio-visual presentation on different aspect of nature.

  • Demonstration on practical techniques of herbarium preparation, collection and preservation.

  • Setting up of bird feeder, bird baths and bird nest boxes.

  • Visit to wildlife sanctuaries in Goa and other wilderness places.

  • Boat safaris for migratory birds and the famous marsh crocodiles in Goa.


  • Children will be exposed and connected to nature and its denizens.

  • Will get an opportunity to interact with people working in the field of wildlife.

  • They will be able to learn the fundamentals of identification of animals and plants.

  • Will learn about the threats and problems the nature and wildlife are facing.

  • Children will develop skills like creativity and imagination through the activities that will be conducted.

To organize one for your school contact Shraddha Rangnekar (+91-9763380466) or send us an email on

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