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This camp site is based in Verlem village in Netravali Panchayat and is Goa's first experiment in community tourism. The tourism enterprise is owned and managed by the community through Goa's first tourism co-operative - "Verlem Ecotourism Co-operative Society".

Aptly named "Aangan", the project is an integration of natural beauty and community life. The village  has to offer a rich heritage, culture and traditions in the form of sacred groves, stone icons, old temples with their history, folk songs, dances, traditional cuisine based on a variety of wild produce, agricultural practices, knowledge of medicinal plants and enthralling jungle lore.


Come, be one with your roots. A place where a “Tourist” is a “Guest”,  where the “Hotel” is actually the “Home”, where the “Chef” is your “Host”, where you are part of one big family and where the village is still a village and will never change. We change the tourist, not the country.


The project operates on a strict NO ALCOHOL policy and expects all the guests to abide by it.

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A typical homestay
The interiors
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