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Discovering Goan Culture

The cultural heritage of Goa is a blend of many different ethnicities. It comprises of dances, folk songs, visual arts, music and folk tales, traditional architecture rich in content and variety, and of course not to forget the “Susegad” people and the lip-smacking fish curry and rice. Filled with richness of festivities celebrated by the people of all groups, the culture of Goa is there to absorb one in every way


  • Staying overnight at a typical goan village/home stays.

  • Audio-visual presentation on the culture of Goa and its people.

  • Demonstration and hands on experience at making replicas of local crafts like bamboo mat weaving, broom making, pottery…etc with the locals.

  • Performances of folk dances and songs by locals.

  • Typical Goan cuisine will be served in a typical goan fashion on banana leaves.

  • Visit to the heritage houses in Goa.

  • Exploration of natural heritage, music, folk songs and dances, art and history accompanied by field visits.

  • Interaction with the local people and understanding the village systems.

  • Loads of fun filled activities like cooking traditional recipes with the women folk and playing traditional games with the village kids.


  • Children will be able to connect to true culture of Goa.

  • They will get hands on experience and will be able to interact with the local artisans and understand the traditional occupations.

  • Children will get a chance to relish on the typical goan cuisine served to them in a typical goan fashion on a banana leaf.

  • They will also enjoy the goan folk dances and songs.

To organize one for your school contact Shraddha Rangnekar (+91-9763380466) or send us an email on

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