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Life on a Farm

Do our kids know about agriculture? This may sound like an odd question to you, but unfortunately the fact is that most of our children don’t understand where their food comes from. Hence, this concept of “life on a farm”, has been designed that will involve visiting and working on a farm where the child will get actively involved in agricultural activities of the farm. Through this concept, we can draw relevance to them and educate them where the food on their plates come from and make them understand that all starts as a product of agriculture, from planting seeds to checking out vegetables and fruits.


  • Overnight trip to be conducted at a selected agricultural farm in Goa.

  • Observing the different agricultural and farming techniques involved like ploughing, planting of seeds, harvesting, irrigation…etc.

  • Observing concepts like kitchen garden/ vegetable garden or a ‘Kulagar’.

  • Observing different post-harvest processing of crops and vegetables.

  • Observing farm management.

  • Hands on experience- children here will be able to work along with the farmers in the field.

  • Interaction with the farmers and people working on the farm.

  • Audio-visual presentation on agriculture; its history, present scenario, local vegetables and varieties and how agriculture plays a crucial role in economy.

  • Group discussions or quiz can be conducted.

  • Worksheets on agriculture can be given to children as an added activity.

Group competitions can be arranged.


  • Children will experience many sides of agriculture and farming.

  • It will encourage students to experience agricultural life at first hand.

  • Students will get interested in how their food is produced, and meaning of organic food crops.

  • They will get an opportunity to meet farmers and talk about what goes into farm functioning.

  • Opportunities to understand farm animals.

  • Concepts like grow your own food will be emphasized.

To organize one for your school contact Shraddha Rangnekar (+91-9763380466) or send us an email on

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